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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Challah Musings

This time of year, with the holidays sneaking up on us, my thoughts go to freshly baked,honey laden, yeasty, delicious challah. Interestingly enough, I have no pictures of challahs I have baked.
Today, coincidentally, I ran into a couple of friends who do a challah bake for the local chapter of Jewish Women International.  It was the day of their annual challah bake and rising time coincided with lunch.
I have been musing on the different types of challah s I have eaten and those I have heard rumors about. There are the normal challah s, plain, with sesame seeds, with poppy seeds, and with raisins. Then there are the challahs that a bit different. Israeli challahs which are sweeter than American challahs. Chocolate chip challahs and chocolate cherry challahs, remind me to blog that recipe for you before Rosh Hashanah.
Then there are the challahs that I've heard of that are totally off the beaten path.  One that really took me by surprise was a challah made with a Milky Way Bar baked in the center.  Oh, anyone for a peanut butter and jelly challah?  I suppose the variations are endless.
As for forming a challah, how many strands would you like?  I've seen everything from a simple three strand braid to an elaborate twenty-four strand braid.  Round challahs, square challahs, rectangular challahs,  pull apart challahs and free form challahs.
A plethora of form and flavor.
One thing that is constant is their presence on Shabbat and on the holidays.
Enjoy your challahs.

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